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Samara Rubin
The Utility Belt

Samara knows wishes don't come true. But if they did, her wish would be to have the courage to stand up to Toby King, the meanest boy at school. On her eleventh birthday Samara is given a mysterious utility belt. A belt with magical tools. But the belt comes with a catch, there are rules and a deadline. All tools must be used within seven days. Otherwise... What will Samara do with her utility belt? Will she face her biggest fear? Or will she run out of time?

Book One in The Utility Belt Series

"I rate Samara Rubin and the Utility Belt 5 out of 5. It was a great book full of suspense and mystery, keeping you on the edge of your seat. It has a clear protagonist, kind and loving Samara, whose story is beautifully written. It also features an antagonist, Toby King, who adds depth to the story.

Overall, Samara Rubin and The Utility Belt is a charming and inspiring book that is perfect for young readers. It is a must-read for ages 8–11. I highly recommend it." Aashi -9 Alphabet Soup

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